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A change of environment and a fresh look to your old space can do wonders as a coping mechanism amidst this endless pandemic.

So why not use this opportunity to jazz up your home and transform it into a super cool DIY interior design project!

Look around your home, and we guarantee that you will find ample amount of ideas.

You could paint your furniture, build ledges, convert old fabric into a piece of art, simply freak out! Sometimes simply making small changes here and there in your home can create a sanguine space.

Here are some DIY project ideas for you to encounter quarantine boredom.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Switch pieces of furniture that have remained in the same boring places for too long this can give your spaces a new look instantly. Move your sofa to a different direction in the living room. Group a few armchairs to create a comfy conversation zone, instead of scattering them around the house. Think of all the ways your lifestyle has changed during the pandemic and reposition your furniture accordingly. For instance, you may need to move your guest room furniture to create a home office or work area.

2. Rearrange a Bookshelf

Transform your bookshelf into a sophisticated grouping of books, artwork, and collectibles. Why not start by emptying the bookshelf, and categorizing out everything you want in it. Sort and arrange the books first, mix it up with a few stacks vertically, and a few horizontally. Then layer and accentuate paintings or photos, potted plants, small baskets, or any other collectibles.

3. Paint Your Walls or Furniture

Redo and repaint your walls with any excess leftover paint you may have. If you want it to be more exciting and adventurous, paint a mural at the entrance of your home. Give your dining room solace, a bedside table, or a bookshelf a new appearance by painting them.

4. Change Your Wall Decor

Look around and assess the wall decor in your rooms. Can you jazz up the artworks from a wall in your living room and instead switch its position to your bedroom or dining room. Or let's elevate it and dig out some of the old black and white photos and mount them in spare photo frames you may have? You could even add a personal touch and DIY photo frames with wooden slats, rustic twigs, or wooden planks. Add an element of interest by mounting eccentric pieces like your favorite guitar, vintage mirrors, or a few chic hats, or masks.

5. Create a DIY Home Office

Work from home has become a daily part and parcel of our lives, so why not set up a DIY office for such days. If you already have one, reanalyze what else you could bring in to make your workdays more comfortable and productive. For instance, you could shift your work setup to a corner that gets a lot of natural light and air. Arrange and organize a storage shelf and rest area in your workspace Wall Artwork and photos to make it personable and warm.

6. Convert Fabric into Useful Furnishings

Enhance and use an old saree into a curtain, a curtain into a set of cushion covers, cushion covers into shopping bags, and so on. If you have some fabric paint, decorate your plain cushions with them and add a personal touch and feel.

7. DIY headboard for your bedroom

Want to uplift your bedroom in no time? All it takes is a few days and some vigorous work to make the headboards.

Existing wooden planks and soft fabric material can be of great use to you for creating a DIY headboard. You can either hang wall art, a painting, or best you can paint the wall and create an illusion of a headboard.

8. Stencil and paint your nightstand.

Now that you’ve done your headboard, why not DIY your nightstand itself!. It takes only a couple of hours to customize one of your own. Turn your plain white nightstand into a masterpiece by only adding some lines, designs, and art.

9. Create your own custom mirror.

Transforming a boring normal mirror piece into statement pieces by just painting the border of the mirror into a trending color can just be the little fun change you need!

10. Install your own peel-and-stick tiles

Revamping your kitchen doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money or even hiring a contractor. Removable tiles are an easy way to change your space, noting that it will take only a couple of hours to complete the project. These tiles are removable so you can take them out when you are bored of them or when you are leaving your rental space.

Why not utilize the quarantine to refresh your home completely using things that are within your reach. With excess wood, drills, a saw some screws, hinges, and a few color paints you can manage to redo your home.

We hope you found our ideas useful! If you're looking to do up your space and don't know where to get started, click here.

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