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5 Sensational Interior Design Trends That People Can’t Resist.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

In today's day and age, where several trends have been confusing In today's day and age, where several trends are absolutely flabbergasting, Deksha looks at creating subtly elegant designs with a sense of class and comfort that helps you achieve a home that suits your personality best, and one that you’d love to live in rather than what would be superficially fancy and discomforting in the long run.

Staying in has become the new normal since the beginning of the pandemic, we all have found the comfort of staying inside our homes and while wanting to decorate our homes we have come across terms such as, “Modern”, “Contemporary”. But what are these terms? What do these terms mean? These are some of the interior design trends that you need to hop onto in order to lead a comfortable yet stylish lavish life.

Designed by Deksha Design Studio at Marine Drive, Mumbai.

1. Modern Interior Design

Minimalism, clean lines, natural materials, and natural light are the perfect combination to achieve the modern look at your lovely home. The simple yet perfect decorating choice for people who like simple uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of fussy adornments. This style is accompanied well with an open floor plan. The decor pieces in modern interior design are functional and fully adaptable to the latest trends and styles. The colour pallet bends more towards neutrals and naturals giving it a sleek look.

Modern Living room Interior Design

The best living rooms, no matter how modern, have comfortable furniture. The standard sofa is punctuated by royal blue pillows and is super cozy. The shag rug is equally modern. The accent chairs in navy blue pop against soft gray furnishings in this modern living room.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Warm colored lights and a beautiful designer carpet with neutral modern bedroom decor can make your boring bedroom go from 0 to 100. The amount of elegance and sophistication rendered from the wood here is just right.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Wooden floor panels bring a valuable edge to this kitchen design. While classic hardwood panels and fun colorful tiles would also work well in a family home, the sleek constancy of polished wood flooring is doing a superb job. The sculpture lighting fixture also adds to this modern kitchen some style points.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Squares and Rectangles lead this modern bathroom design with simple geometric shapes and the white and a little neutral gray standing out , a natural stone backsplash, and little in the way of decoration.

2. Contemporary Interior Design

A contemporary style of decoration is simple, subtly sophisticated, with a considerable use of texture and clean lines. Contemporary designs are welcoming without being cluttered and dark, they are known for sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. These ultramodern spaces are filled with bold lighting, streamlined furnishing and some color, creating rooms that are tidy, noticeable and livable.

Contemporary Living room Interior Design

The spacious living room has beige walls and the look is enhanced with large stone pillars that complement the beige sofa set perfectly. The living room is then topped with the beautiful indoor balcony with black metal railings.

Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design

Sleek and minimal contemporary furniture forms are perfectly suited with the styling and color of this gorgeous bedroom. The neutral shades of the bed platform and the hints of green and dark wood add balance to this stunning bedroom. Note that contemporary designs don’t need a lot going on so keep all the accessories to a minimum. Keep in mind that contemporary design doesn’t need a lot of extra adornment, so keep wall-art and accessories to a minimum.

Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design

This white kitchen feels thoroughly contemporary thanks to its sleek cabinets. The gray tiles, a marble stove backsplash, and dark wood cabinetry break up the mostly white space with interesting texture and pattern. And the lighting adds a bit of a playful touch.

Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design

This is the essence of a contemporary style bathroom. The beaming white base giving it a classic look along with the cool tones of gray and blacks tied together with warm woody shades will remain on trend for years.

3. Art Modern Interior Design

Art Modern homes attribute an all-white color palette and have smooth surfaces with decorative detailing. Curved corners are for the doorways, windows and other architectural elements. Decorative pieces such as natural textures, metal, terra cotta tile, concrete and glass are all mixed and matched throughout the home. Simplicity and decorative patterns are the key to art modern. Instead, solid neutrals really help to form a robust statement.

Art Modern Living room Interior Design

The all white base living room with the pops of blue and beige are giving a mesmerising look to the room. The decorative detailing of this room is impeccable especially with the addition of the curved windows and wall art.

Art Modern Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom with beautiful pops of colour with a side of woody texture is the ideal type of bedroom you want if you are interested in artsy type decor for your bedroom.

Art Modern Kitchen Interior Design

The white walls and countertops complement the colorful cabinetry and the eye popping backsplash that give this art modern kitchen design a playful vibe. The dark floor helps to ground the space

Art Modern Bathroom Interior Design

If you are considering making a statement, look no more than a bold wallpaper/tile. An additional benefit about art modern interior design is just by adding a statement wall with details and design you can make any space look professionally decorated.

4. Mid-Century Interior Design

This type of interior design has some particularly distinguishing features, consisting of a classic underrated look with clean lines. Functionality is an important aspect in Mid - century design. The overall look should be uncluttered, sleek with both organic and geometric forms Anyone can infuse a mid century look into their rooms by just changing some tweaks here and there.

Mid-Century Living room Interior Design

The calmness and serenity sent forth from this Mid century living room is unreal. The sleek clean lines provide a very classic look to the living room that includes the most important aspect functionality. Those two geometric shaped paintings tie the room together.

Mid-Century Bedroom Interior Design

Characterization of natural wood, simple and clean lines, mostly muted colour tones and a sense of form meets functionality. The nightstand is a great piece of mid century furniture to give your bedroom a sense of style. The colour scheme, furniture and artwork work in unison for making a popular decorative mid century design.

Mid-Century Kitchen Interior Design

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for countertops and backsplashes in kitchens for authentic mid century homes. The trick is getting the right pair of colors with a black tile border in a retro kitchen. The straight lines of the cabinetry enhance the kitchen's vintage charm. A mid century inspired design adds both functionality and great style.

Mid-Century Bathroom Interior Design

This primary bathroom in mid-century style features gray walls and a walk-in shower room. The classy walk in shower instead of the fancy bathtub is a nice little added bit of detail that's reminiscent of mid-century modern design. The selection of neutral colors also means that this bathroom will stay timeless for decades.

5. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design bears the roots of Modernism and focuses on simplicity, lightness, functionality and the beauty of everyday objects. The Scandinavian style brings to mind not just a distinguishing design language, but also a lifestyle that is unique and exclusive all over the world. Sleek and functional without compromising on aesthetics, this style has pervaded countless homes regardless of their geographical location.

Scandinavian Living room Interior Design

An important aspect of a Scandinavian home is natural wood. These wooden floors can be painted over with white or light timber like teak. The material for sure will provide warmth to your home. The windows in a Scandinavian design are large and unobstructed to let in maximum natural light. This design is perfect for tropical climates like India.

Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design

Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design

To truly design your home in Scandinavian style, you need to keep the clutter at bay by keeping things in an organized manner. White maximizes light and can make the room look spacious, airy and cheerful instead of cold and sterile. All you have to do is to bring the right detailed accessories and accent colours to match with it. Scandinavian style includes elements such as floors painted white at times, but bright neutrals, grey and pastels can also be a way to go.

Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design

Blue is a popular colour to work with white in Scandi-inspired designs, that works beautifully with natural and neutral tones. This gorgeous Scandinavian kitchen has blue cabinets, which create an excellent background for the natural elements like the hanging lampshade and lovely wooden table.

Scandinavian Bathroom Interior Design

The elegant yet decorative bathroom has a wooden essence to it along with a walk in bath. In any Scandinavian interior design you are advised to keep flowers/plants indoors to give the room a little colour and freshness. Neutral colours along with wooden cabinets are giving the bathroom a proper Scandinavian look.

These interior designing trends give a lot of attention to neutrals, blacks, wooden finishes, nature, sustainability and to creating a warmer comfortable home for yourself.

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