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In today’s day and age, where a number of trends have been confusing, where there are a number of trends that are absolutely flabbergasting, Deksha looks at creating subtly elegant designs with a sense of class and comfort that helps you achieve a home that suits your personality best, and one that you’d love to live in rather than what would be superficially fancy and discomforting in the long run.

Every year on February 14th, couples across the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own frivolous ways. While some like to execute a perfect dinner date in restaurants, others choose to go on a quick romantic getaway. However, with the pandemic still on the loose, scheduling a romantic get-together outside your home is both tricky and unsafe, but that does not mean that you love-birds cannot enjoy a good valentines evening, because we got you some mesmerizing Valentine’s Day room decor ideas to celebrate the romantic day at home!

These easy and affordable DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas are surely going to raise the bar of stay-at-home dates. From charming balcony decor setups to cozy bedroom setups – pick your favourites or try all of these from our list here. We guarantee that the fifth one is going to work wonders for your evening!

1. Sentimentalize The Balconies

Even if you don't have a massive balcony, you can still decorate it with pretty flowers and plants, as well as a few simple table lamps. This Valentine's Day, bring nature to your balcony with these simple yet elegant room decorations. If you have a balcony, add fairy lights and plant creepers to create a romantic atmosphere. You can also include a romantic song in the background to create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Romanticize your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you can go crazy with romantic decorations. Go with pretty bedding in red, lavender, or the colour your partner loves. You can also go with some lace or floral printed blankets with flower petals and scented candles as an addition to the surrounding mood.

Pastel-toned room decor with DIY crafts can never go wrong. You can select an old-school study table lamp along with hand-printed lampshades. There are millions of other ways you can accessorize your romantic bedroom decor as per your taste and personality.

Pro tip: Add decor items and elements that are close and personal to your relationship.

3. Try Some DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Art Pieces

Nothing compared to handmade craft pieces that give it a personal touch. So why not make your partner feel extraordinary with DIY art pieces for homemade Valentine’s Day decorations. These art pieces will oversee the entire room’s setup, it will be the highlight of your room.

Love Scrabble Coasters, spell L-O-V-E with coasters. Use a stain marker to get the deep black colour and texture on the wood pieces. Simple DIY decorations for Valentine’s day would include greeting cards, love letters, paper lanterns, and tree branch crafts.

4. Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas For The Walls

Walls are the most crucial aspect of DIY room decorations. So let your walls speak, manifest, and deluge love! The finest wall decoration ideas include hanging photos, frames with romantic quotes, abstract art.

Use bunches of artificial flowers to make elegant garlands for your walls or front door. The best part of this unique wall decor is that you can reuse it all year round by interchanging out the pink and hearts with other holiday decorations or photos.

5. Valentine’s Room Decor Ideas With Lights

Light up the excitement this Valentine’s Day with the perfect lights. Not too bright and not too dim, choose lights that go along with your romantic rush. You can make use of some of your Christmas decoration lights, especially those copper filament lights.

There are multiple ways to style your space with lights so feel free to scout and execute. You can also bring a romantic addition with some hand-painted lamps and scented candles. For the dining area, you can use soft ceiling lights or hanging lamps with warm led lights. For your bedroom go with wall hanging lights to decorate the area.

6. Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas For Your Living Area

Living rooms are where the most amazing heartfelt conversations happen. If you have a comfortable couch or a sofa in your living room then you are sorted with the main decor element! Just add some pastel cushions to the couch and accompany the setup with some decor for the room. If you have a centre table, you can lay out some flowers and place some memorable photos on it too. Next, you can work on the wall behind the couch, where you can hang some handmade heart-shaped artwork or DIY decor pieces you have made.

So, here it is! We just lit up your 2022 Valentine’s plans with these simple yet quirky DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas for February 14th. Whether you like it simple or raise the bar a bit, we have given you some amazing handmade and romantic suggestions! So, start planning a little early and get ready to dress up your home. Lastly, a very Happy Valentine’s Day from us.

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