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6 Reasons Why Solar Energy Will Not Work For Everyone

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Energy is a core source of an economy. However, due to the recurring rise and fall of energy costs, governments and companies have been seeking to use renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the most commonly used renewable energy sources. However, as we move towards using solar energy on a larger scale, let me list out some of the main pros and cons that you need to consider before starting a solar energy project on your own.

There are many advantages of using solar energy. However, like with any other solution, there are also negatives to solar energy. Here in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the cons of using solar.


  1. In Terms of Reliability

When you go solar, you create a two-way connection, meaning you both consume and generate power. Most people work during the day while the panel is generating energy and during the night it uses this power the typical home will draw some power back from the grid when you need it just as you do now both day and night. The power produced during the day is in essence ‘stored’ in the grid. In rare cases, it makes sense to get a battery backup system.

2. What Solar Panels are made of

Solar panels are primarily made of silicon. The key to having highly efficient solar panels is very pure silicon. This is where the not-so-friendly environmental aspect is introduced. To ensure the silicon is of the highest quality. Normal silicon is recyclable but after the lead and cadmium are introduced (this is done to make the panel more efficient) the solar panels are now not as recyclable. The amount of time, energy, and cost to extract these hazardous materials often costs more than the actual production of the solar panel.

Raw Silicon

3. Constant Maintenance of Solar Panels

Once the solar panels are up and running it requires ongoing maintenance. This includes cleaning dust, debris, pollen, and general grime that can accumulate. If left on the solar panels, they won’t operate to their fullest capacity. This means you can’t get a return on your initial investment as quickly when the solar panels aren’t working to their maximum capacity. Maintenance also requires spending time inspecting the solar panels for damages, cracks, or broken parts.

4. Expensive Energy Storage

Most consider storing large amounts of electrical energy as the single biggest obstacle in producing solar power on an industrial scale. Currently, the battery storage system options for storing solar energy as electrical energy are very expensive.

5. High costs of installation

The cost of off-grid solar PV systems is approximately Rs 1,00,000 as these PV systems require batteries which are costly. The price of an on-grid 1kw solar system is at 80,000/kW, in which will solar panels, inverter, panel stand and with installation cost And the off-grid solar system is priced at 95,000/kw in which you have solar panels, inverter, battery, panel stand and with the installation cost.

6. Takes a lot of space

Along with the toxic metals, the solar panel takes up a bunch of open space. The land use by solar fields can be massive which means it can no longer be used for agriculture or housing means. Additionally, just natural habitat of plants and animals is eliminated or reduced.

Solar energy will not be able to solve our energy problems, however, the use of solar energy can reduce the global warming caused by coal and fossil fuels. Solar technology is improving every year so it will become a more reliable source of alternative energy in the future.

Therefore, We have to pay great attention to reducing these losses to make the scheme really work and the advantages of solar power become the most important advantages.

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