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7 Secret Methods Celebrities use to Glam up their Homes!

In today's day and age, where several trends have been confusing In today's day and age, where several trends are absolutely flabbergasting, Deksha looks at creating subtly elegant designs with a sense of class and comfort that helps you achieve a home that suits your personality best, and one that you’d love to live in rather than what would be superficially fancy and discomforting in the long run.

Recent years have given so many of us the opportunity to consider who we are and how we wish to live. The desire for comfort and stability has given many of us an adrenaline rush for decoration and design choices. If you eat, breathe, and live Bollywood, then keep reading, because we will be spilling some beans on creating a truly dramatic home that showcases your love for Bollywood.

1. Go for the Classics

When it comes to the selection of the colour scheme, keep it simple, minimal, and classic. Designate two or three shades that complement each other. Keep the accessories and patterns simple minimal, and classic too. Gold and metallic features are great to bring in a hint of Bollywood, but make sure you pick only a few accents to incorporate it.

2. Be Timeless, Be Bold

Once again, classics are something you just can’t go wrong with. If you have a larger home, a mansion, a villa or a farmhouse pick out a statement chandelier. You could also get yourself a bold footstool, table lamps, clocks, and more. For an urban look, pick out a faux-fur to throw on the sofa or the floor like a carpet. You can always add gold accessories or spray paint an old piece of furniture.

3. Try Out Textures

As previously mentioned, stick to two or three shades but do get adventurous with textures. Velvet and silk materials can give a luxurious feel required in any home that wants to add a touch of Bollywood glam. Also incorporate lacquer, suede, leather, and metallic highlights. Wallpaper is a trend that’s coming back with high scales, so make sure you get yourself some wallpaper with beautiful designs and luxurious textures to go with the rest of your decor.

4. Look For the Gems

Remember, the look you are going for is simple, sophisticated, and glamorous. It’s easy to go overboard and end up with a flashy-looking home, so make sure you balance out the gaudy with uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and monochromatic color schemes.

5. Shades of Green

The color green is strongly bounded with the beauty of nature. It can turn a space into a serene nature reserve, a vibrant room, or transform any space from an ordinary one to a dramatic one. Although, it all depends on the shades of green and its setting. Versatility is a prime feature of the colour green that helps it stand out when used as an accent colour on a wall or a piece of furniture or any aspect that is meant to stand out.

6. Jazzing up with the Neutrals

Crisp whites, steely grays, and other cool neutrals are long-time favourites that deliver a clean, contemporary look, but warm neutrals are gradually taking an upward ladder on the trends. These warm-cool neutrals can be the colours that give you more freedom to easily experiment with bold textures and accessories.

7. Biophilic Design

Moving beyond a few pots at the window, a lot of Bollywood Plant parents are now experimenting with plant-covered walls and unique hand installations. Having more plants around can keep your air clean and fresh creating a healthier environment. It helps enable the room's aesthetics and also helps boost productivity and well-being.

Remember, the look you are going for is sophistication mixed with glamour. It’s extremely easy to go overboard and end up with an overdone home, so make sure you balance out the drama with uncluttered spaces, clean lines, sharp edges, and monochromatic colour schemes.

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