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Tips & Guidelines For Women's Apparel Stores

1. Interior environment should reflect targeted demographics: low, mid, & high end & price points.

2. Store's design should reflect the merchandise categories carried: career , active sportswear, juniors, salon.

Boutique Interior Design

3. Store's layout should lead the customer around the selling floor so that all areas are shopped.

4. Consider both built-in and movable elements for merchandise display.

5. Power and lighting should be planned for both in-store merchandise and human needs, and for visual merchandiser's requirements for display windows.

6. Placement and style of interior and exterior signs should be integrated into overall design concept.

7. Location and configuration of cashwrap station are pivotal planning decisions.


  • Bag & box storage

  • Wrapping & writing surfaces

  • Surveillance position

8. Fitting rooms should support the store's image. Consider:

  • Privacy

  • Lighting

  • Security

9. Provide for a seating area where persons accompanying the shopper can wait comfortably.

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