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Should you Own a Tiny Home?

When we hear the word ‘tiny home’, we think of huge success with homeowners who are enjoying minimalistic and frugal lifestyles. However, a tiny home does come with downsides and will not suit everyone. If you’re curious about tiny homes, it is good to understand their pros and cons to make sure that living in a small space will suit your needs.

Tiny homes are a hot topic right now, but do they really suit everyone? Here is your reality check on tiny homes. What are some of the common problems people have living in tiny homes? Are tiny home communities and tiny house villages viable options? Let's find out.

Main Reasons to Ditch Tiny Homes

1) Scent or Smell

If you burn something while cooking the smell still lingers in the air even after you open all the windows. Similarly, when you light a scented candle, the scent can be overwhelming after some time.

2) Having Guests over

The biggest tiny home you can build is 3.5 feet tall by 8.5 feet wide. Even in this space, you cannot expect to have guests over as the place would be congested and there would not be place to sit.

3) Limited Storage

Since tiny homes make use of every little space for storage it would be difficult to adjust especially if you are shifting from a much larger home. There will also be very limited wardrobe space so you will find yourself wearing the same clothes pretty often.

4) Weight Limitations

Depending on where you live there are certain weight restrictions or rules that must be followed. So, thinking about adding another countertop or another extension will just add to the overall weight of the house.

5) Parking

Tiny Homes are mobile but it comes with a downside if you plan on moving around. Finding places to park is not that easy. Campgrounds are common areas for parking tiny homes although you can only park there for 14 to 30 days.

6) Lack of Privacy

It isn’t only the privacy of strangers that will shake your foundation but also the privacy of your family. However, families can also get on your nerves fairly quickly. This is especially true while living in confined spaces like the ones in a tiny home. The little things like being able to freely flow from one room to another without bumping into each other on the way are what people miss most. Not to mention being able to use the bathroom without waiting in line.

7) Compost Toilet

Having to continuously explain to guests how your toilet works can be quite irritating for not just you but for your guests as well. Nobody wants to go through this set of instructions just to use the toilet.

8) Financing

Getting a loan to build a tiny house can be a challenge if you can’t afford to build or buy for cash. Taking out a standard mortgage loan might not be possible. That’s because tiny houses do not have sufficient value that can make reliable collateral.

Although the tiny home movement has been growing in popularity recently, not everyone could live happily in one. Tiny homes allow you to save a lot of money over the long term, but it is always important to consider the disadvantages of living in one as well. Not everyone would want or be able to give up certain luxuries to live a tiny life. For example, most people would miss having space for guests and large gatherings; others might not be able to give up their home offices or the convenience of having a medium-sized refrigerator instead of a mini-refrigerator. Although now you have some good points to consider.

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