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In a world filled with so much to offer we some times just take baby steps towards how we could change our lives through design. This is where we would like to walk you through a delightful set of pages to make your story come alive. With bursts of ideas that form a plethora of concepts we take you line by line into a new discovery of thought. To where your story starts and where it lives on as an epic tale to tell. Our intent is to nurture one to grow with the created space and develop new and innovative thought processes and discover things never otherwise that would have been thought of. Moving every concept into new dimensions and parting with the old, only to be ahead with steps never taken to break into new ways of life to live by. Hence from here on we make our statement of I LIVE DESIGN a reality to live by.

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Suresh Dsouza

Director Business


Susan Dsouza

Director HR


Suren Dsouza

Director Design & Operation


Sahil Dsouza

Director Marketing

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